Send a Doodle poll

What is a Doodle poll?

Doodle is an online scheduling tool that you can use to quickly ask about your invitees’ time preferences. Doodle builds a public poll page that’s accessible to everyone. Even if they don’t have a calendar, or they are not members of your team at all.

Creating a new poll page

When you start a new meeting with Meekan, you’ll be presented with a button that says “Send a Doodle poll”. Click that button, and Meekan will build a new public page for you with all the time options for the new meeting. You’ll receive a public link to this page, which you can share with everyone involved (Meekan will automatically notify all your invitees over email or by instant message about the new poll. You can copy the link and  notify any other people, as many as you need, over Email or message)

Public and private poll links

Together with the public, shareable link, the meeting organizer will also receive a private admin link. Use this link to edit the time options in the poll, the location and name of the meeting, and any other details.
This link should probably be kept private, unless you want other people to be able to edit the meeting and vote details.

Finalizing the poll

Meekan will notify the meeting organizer about every update to the poll page (votes, new comments, etc). When enough votes have been collected, the organizer can click the “Book it” button next to the notification message, and pick the most suitable time option. Meekan will insert the new meeting into everyone’s calendar. Well done!

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