Scheduling a new meeting

Talking with Meekan


First, make sure that Meekan is around: either add him to a public channel with the /invite command, or just talk to him on his DM channel

/invite @robot_name

In a public channel, to get Meekan’s attention, start your sentence with the word meekan Meekan ignores the general conversation, and will only listen and analyze the sentences that address him.
If you’re talking to him directly with a direct message, he’s always listening, so no need to start with meekan.

After installing Meekan, he’ll be available on all the team’s channels. To get his attention, start your sentence with @meekan. When you start typing, the app will suggest an auto-complete menu. Make sure you explicitly pick Meekan from the list, so that your sentence is directed to Meekan.
Meekan ignores the general conversation, and will only listen and analyze the sentences that address him.
If you’re talking to him directly with a 1:1 chat, he’s always listening, so no need to start with @meekan.
For the sake of simplicity, the examples here will start with meekan. Remember to add the @ if you’re on Microsoft teams.


Asking for a new meeting

Just say it in plain English:

meekan we want to have lunch next week

Meekan will check everyone’s calendar for the best lunch spot next week (see also: How does Meekan work?), and will reply with a list of possible options. It could look something like this:

This is definitely the best option:
1 Next Tuesday, Apr 21 at 1:00 PM
These are also quite good:
2 Next Wednesday, Apr 22 at 1:00 PM
3 Next Wednesday, Apr 22 at 12:00 PM (Jake is busy at this time)
4 Next Monday, Apr 20 at 1:00 PM (Loren and Jake are busy at this time)

If you’re on a public channel, Meekan will automatically assume that everyone on the channel is invited to your meeting, and will try to understand the meeting name and location from your request. At this point, you may want to edit the meeting details before it goes into your calendar. See also:
Edit a meeting [in progress] How to add more time slots manually?
Voting on your favorite time option


Booking it into your calendar

When you’re happy just ask Meekan to book the meeting with the option you like best:

Book 1

Meekan will sync everyone’s calendars with the new meeting. That’s it! You’re good to go.

Alternatively, you can say book it to have Meekan pick the highest-ranked option, or book 2 into [email protected] to book this meeting into a specific calendar (as opposed to your default calendar).


More ways to start a new meeting

To schedule a video chat you can use your permanent video link for your video calls, and ask Meekan for a `meeting at video`. Meekan will replace the location with your actual video link. See more here, under locations.

meekan can we have a meeting at video tomorrow?

Set up a meeting with specific people (as opposed to meeting everyone on the channel):

meekan schedule lunch with @john and @amy

Ask Meekan to find an available room for your meeting (see Finding and booking a room for more details):

meekan schedule a meeting next week, add a room

Specify a meeting name, time, invitees, location, and duration:

Meekan, schedule an all-hands meeting tomorrow afternoon with john, dan and ron at the blue office, duration 15 minutes

Here’s one with a meeting name and notes, 2 hour duratoin, inviting someone external to the team (using their email):
Meekan schedule “Project launch” November 23 5pm, duration: 2 hours with [email protected] at Starbucks, description “Bring your own laptop”

Note that when one or more of your invitees are not connected to Meekan, their availability will not be considered when Meekan suggests possible time. They will, however, receieve a proper calendar invitation to the meeting once it’s booked.

Talk to Meekan on his 1:1 channel, and insert a reminder event into your calendar:

remind me to pick up the dry cleaning today at 6pm


Changing meeting details

If Meekan didn’t get some of the meeting details right, you can always use the short commands, name, note, add to make changes before booking the meeting into your calendar. A very quick way to create a new meeting could look like:

meekan tomorrow afternoon with @jack
[Meekan gives some time options] name Project Launch
note Please prepare your time estimates ahead of the meeting
book it

This will create a new meeting for your and Jack, name it “Project Launch”, add a note about preparing the estimates, and book it into your (can Jack’s) calendars.

See more here: Edit meeting details [meeting in progress]

Sending out a poll

If some of the people invited are outside the team, you can always convert the meeting into an external poll page and share it. To learn more: Send a Doodle poll