Rescheduling, editing, renaming and deleting meetings

This article is about editing a meeting that’s already been booked, and is on your calendar. If you’re still actively organizing the meeting inside Meekan, see Edit a meeting [in progress]

When not actively organizing a meeting, remember to start commands with meekan, (or with @meekan if you’re on Microsoft Teams) to get the robot’s attention (He does not listen to the channel’s conversations until you ask him to).

If you’re messaging Meekan directly, you don’t need to start with meekan. He’s always listening there.

The commands listed below can work directly, or you can ask Meekan for any of them after he’s listed the meetings on your calendar. So, for example, you could ask Meekan:

show my meetings with Jack

and then say reschedule 2 to move the 2nd meeting on that list to a new date. See more about listing your meetings here: checking your schedule.

Rescheduling meetings

meekan reschedule or meekan move or meekan move my 6pm to Thursday

If you’ve made a general request, Meekan will give you a list of possible meetings that you organized, and you can choose to reschedule any one of them:
meekan reschedule 2 or maybe move 2 to Thursday

If you don’t specify a target time (eg “reschedule to Thursday”) Meekan will attempt to stay within the original definition of the meeting. So if you originally asked for a “meeting on Wednesday” Meekan will attempt to find a new time on Wednesday.

Renaming meetings

meekan rename or meekan rename this or meekan rename tomorrow’s meeting

To change the name of a meeting that was already synced to the calendar.

Editing other meeting details

To change any details of a meeting in your calendar

meekan edit or meekan edit my tomorrow meetings

Meekan will show a list of meetings that match your request, and you can pick the one you want to edit, and specify what you want to change. So you could, for example, say location my office to specify a new location, or maybe add @john to invite John to the party, or duration 5 hours to make more time for this event.

Note that you can only make changes to meetings that you created. Meetings that you’re invited to (but created by others) cannot be edited by you.

Deleting meetings

meekan delete

This will delete an existing meeting from everyone’s calendars. The robot will list all the meetings organized by this channel, and you can select which one to delete:

delete 3

And whoops! It’s gone.