Meekan’s changelog

June 2018

The entire meeting process can now be done with just buttons and menus (as well as language commands).

Support for recurring meetings – daily, weekly, monthly meetings – we got ’em all. And Meekan will pick the one with the best chances to fit everyone’s future schedule.

RSVP requests now show more info about the meeting to help you decide if you really want to go.

May 2018

Ask Meekan about someone else’s schedule directly (“meekan, when is done free tomorrow?”), or about yourself (“when am I free tomorrow?”). When asking about someone else, Meekan will get their permission first before revealing anything.

Many improvements all around for our Microsoft Teams version.

Easier opt-out from Meekan alerts.

April 2018

New MLU Brains! We’re now using RASA.AI – faster, more accurate language understanding all around!

You can now edit the meeting details in a form, thanks to the new Slack dialogs. Can change title, duration, notes, and tags – all in one go.

You can now RSVP to recurring meetings.

Fixed a bug where Meekan would sometimes talk to strangers. Also better support for Emojis.

March 2018

Location drop-down now has auto-complete from Google Maps, so you can quickly enter the exact address for your meeting.

Better auto-detection for weekends and morning start hour.

Can now ask Meekan for help on specific things, and get directed to the correct help article.

February 2018

You can now opt-out (unsubscribe) from alerts about a single meeting. So you can keep getting reminders, but stop just those about that pesky daily meeting.

Meekan reminders now highlight interesting links in your meeting descriptions, so you can have quick, one-click access to docs, maps and conference call links hidden in your meeting reminder.

You can now pick rooms from a drop-down list (you can still ask Meekan to pick the best one for you).

January 2018

You can now remove rooms from your meeting (as opposed to only adding more and more of them).

Meekan will send some usage tips every now and then, attached to your reminders, to let you know about more things you can do.

Meeting notes that have fancy HTML formatting markup, will now show up nicely inside Slack.

Snooze reminders is now also available from a drop-down menu, to save you some typing.

December 2017

Asking about a room (“when is red room free?”) will show a summary of its availability and recommend when is the best chance to grab that room (with a button to do just that).

Support for some exotic time zone names, and better support for detecting time zone from Office356 calendars.

Meeting #hashtags! You can now quickly mark meetings to let Meekan know they need a special treatment. Ask Meekan to ignore, block or pad meetings. See more here.

Support for connecting your whole team in one go for Office365 (Google G-Suite is already supported).

November 2017

Added “unsubscribe from current” alert option to Slack dropdown, to let you quickly, well, unsubscribe from the current alert (vs. guessing what that alert is called).

Heatmaps are now periodically calculated for all users. Once a month, Meekan will re-audit your calendar to validate your scheduling style and preferences.

You can now add default padding time to your Meekan meetings, to allow for commuting or maybe just some free time between meetings (Find it in your settings screen, under “Meeting Duration”).

Better support for Slack Enterprise client and multi-tenant teams.

October 2017

New algorithm deployed to give better time suggestions – we’re testing it against the current algorithm to see what’s working better.

September 2017

Support for room scheduling with Office 365! This a long-awaited feature, and it’s finally here.

Drag-and-drop room names in your settings page to indicate your preferences (is that room located in the other building? Put it at the bottom, and Meekan will try the other rooms first).

Add new contacts to the “Invite more people” drop-down (until now you could only select from the existing contacts. Now you can type a new name, and it’ll be added to the list for next time too).

Aug 2017

Summaries: you can now ask Meekan to send you a list every morning, of all the meetings you have today. Or a list of tomorrow’s meeting every afternoon, or a list of all your weekly meeting every Monday. Or for all of them together!

July 2017

You can now tell Meekan “Analyze me” and get a vision of how Meekan sees your calendar in the form of a beautiful heatmap visualization coupled with some cool stats about your meeting habits. Meekan uses that info to give you better time suggestions.

Improved onboarding process, it’s much more clear now. Still working on it though.

Better “Rename meeting” functionality

Your list of meetings now has links directly to your Google calendar (but why would you need them?)

Day name shortcuts like “Weds” instead of “Wednesday” (We always had “Wed”, but now “Weds” works too).

1:1 Meetings automatically update their title based on the attendees (Johnnie <-> Frankie)

Faster, more accurate meeting reminders

June 2017

RSVP Status upadates: When you have a new meeting booked, Meekan will follow up with your invitee’s confirmations, and will let you know who has confirmed and who isn’t coming as soon as they mark it.

Shiny new contacts drop-down on Slack – will let you pick new people to invite (or un-invite people) from a list, with auto-complete. You can import all your email contacts into that list, and invite anyone without having to memorize their email address (Because it has auto-complete!)

24-hours format supported (18:30 or 6:30 PM, which is your favorite?). If you’re from North America, India, the Philippines, Colombia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Australia, Meekan will assume you want 6:30 PM. Otherwise is 18:30 for you.

If you’re invited to a meeting, and it was canceled or deleted (which is probably the same thing), Meekan will let you know. An hour saved is an hour earned, friends.

May 2017

Stop sending RSVP notifications if I already answered them over Email

If Meeting is moved after it has started, revert status update to normal

April 2017

Support for Slack’s new Status Update API – if your calendar shows you’re in a meeting, Meekan can update your Slack status for you (“Back in 42 minutes”) and revert back when the meeting is over.

Let brand-new users know their calendar is still syncing (rather than show an empty calendar)

More complex commands allowed while scheduling meetings (before: “name Project Launch” now: “rename the meeting to Project Launch” will work too)

Fixed: Meekan will not remind you about meetings that he helped organize

March 2017

Meekan now understands two-ended time ranges. Things like “schedule on monday between 1 and 4pm” or “schedule today or Wednesday next week” now work as expected.

Asking for support from the bot sends a ticket to the support team (no need to send email)

Recognize general help requests (“I need help”), rather than just the strict “help” command

Automatic time zone settings for Office365 users are now much more accurate

“With All” means “With everyone here” and not with someone named “All”!

February 2017

Fine-tune Meekan’s suggestions by asking for more slots: “Add something next Monday”, “Add a 5pm”

Fuzzy (and warm) votes accepted: “I like Thursday” will vote for all the Thursday options available

Support for Slack’s new threads – now Meekan’s conversation in public channels are nicely folded away from view inside threads

Opting in or out of any notification type will show you status for the other types, so you can fine tune right there.

January 2017

More determined rescheduling – if you’re rescheduling your “Coffee on Thursday”, and nothing is available on Thursday anymore, Meekan will expand the search back and forward until locating a new time for your meeting

Some annoying bugs fixed, we can now safely deny they’ve ever existed

December 2016

Easily opt-out of any Meekan notification type with a button attached right there: “Stop these reminders” (opt back in with “start all”)

Reschedule now works for meeting names (“reschedule project launch”) and not just with times (“reschedule my 10am”)

Better, human-readable error messages when your calendar could not be reached for some reason

November 2016

Add Slack buttons to RSVP notifications. Now you can change your mind about coming to the meeting, without leaving Slack.

Reminder on abandoned meetings – if you started one, waited for everyone’s votes, but forgot to book the meeting into your calendar, Meekan will remind you about this, and let you get closure.

Upcoming meetings reminders are now very short, to avoid cluttering. Asking for More details will give the whole story (Snooze and “Say I’m late” still work even in the short version).

September 2016

Show in calendar! Meekan can now visualize what your calendar looks like (including the new time suggestions) so you don’t have to switch out of the conversation.

Support for basic two-ended time ranges (meeting “between Monday and Thursday”)

Speedier Meekan with new Socket architecture

August 2016

Create Doodle Polls! You can now turn Meekan time suggestions into a public Doodle poll, which you can share with outsiders. Your invitees can quickly vote without registering, and you get notified inside Slack. As always, when it’s time to book the meeting, everyone’s calendars get synced.

Support for presenting iCloud recurring meetings

Auto-fix typos in time ranges – wedensday, tommorow, spetember are now perfectly fine to use

Search for meetings by titles “show my calls”, “when is the planning session?”, “what time is my 1:1 with Jenny?”

Book into a non-default calendar – Mixing business and pleasure? When scheduling, say “book into [email protected]” to make meetings go into a specific calendar.

July 2016

Focus on a single meeting: when asking about a single meeting (“What do I have on 4pm” or “list my tomorrow meetings” – if you only have one meeting tomorrow) will show all the meeting’s details (Attendees, location, everything. Not just the meeting title and duration)

You can now find meetings by attendee name: “Show my meetings with john”

June 2016

Meekan is now part of Doodle!
We have come together to bring you the best possible scheduling experience. Read more here:

May 2016

Meekan flight search is now available on Facebook messenger! Try it now:

March 2016

Older notifications are now still active (Before: you can only RSVP to the latest incoming meetings. Now: you can RSVP to an incoming meeting even if it has scrolled away in your chat window, with more meetings coming in)

February 2016

Reminders: Get reminders for your upcoming meetings in Slack. Also, “shut up” will now work the same as “stop all reminders” (as opposed to offending the bot and getting him all passive aggressive on you)

January 2016

UI Changes – Reacji everywhere!

December 2015

Flight search! Meekan is now connected to the world’s flight database. Basic search is up (say: “Meekan, find flights from SFO to Los Angeles next Tuesday” to test it)

November 2015

HipChat connect is now supported – see your whole calendar on your sidebar, and edit meetings from there!
iCloud calendars are now supported
Location shortcuts: you can now set up location names (“office”, “my phone”) on the settings screen, and Meekan will replace them with the longer, detailed description you provide.
External updates: Meekan notifies you about any external calendar updates, and new meeting invitation (where you can Accept or Decline the invitation right there)

October 2015

Full support for booking rooms! Now just ask to add a room to your meeting, and Meekan will search all available rooms for a match, and book it for you

September 2015

We’re live on HipChat! With support for the up-and-coming HipChat Connect features. Get it here

August 2015

Load balanced robot servers! Meekan can now handle a whole lot of users and scale to an army of robots with a flick of the master’s fingers.
Language understanding received a huge upgrade, solving many incidents and accidents, hints, and allegations

July 27 2015

  • Ask questions about your calendar, so you don’t have to switch apps or leave Slack to see what you have coming up. “Meekan how busy am I tomorrow?” or “Meekan, show my Thursday’s schedule” – they all work. Depending on your question you’ll get a quick overview, or a detailed list of all the meetings you have (which, of course, you can quickly reschedule or delete if you need to).

July 8 2015

  • Time zone minimum agony – For mixed timezone teams: ask for a meeting, but don’t be too specific (“meeting tomorrow”), Let Meekan figure out the best time in the day to have it (Minimum loss of sleep, or staying late in the office for the call.. try it!)
  • Smarter about handling urgency (ASAP!)
  • Improvements to batch connection (connecting the entire team’s calendars in one go)

June 30 2015

  • Behind the scenes overhaul, setting up base for some new capabilities
  • Use “note” to add meeting notes
  • Settings screen now let’s you opt out of important, life-saving robot notifications (not recommended). You can also set your default meeting duration
  • Setting up rigid meetings (“Tomorrow at 6pm”) is so much faster now

June 15th 2015

  • Central availability added (say ‘batch connect’ to connect entire team in one go)
  • When robot-generated meetings are changed outside Slack, you’ll get updated on it
  • “Visible calendars” in settings page – availability is now pulled from all your Google’s secondary calendars (and you can ask to ignore any of them)
  • Privacy policy now more clear in regards to instant messages: We never read, keep or share any of your non-scheduling talk. See here:

June 2nd 2015

  • Add ‘settings’ and ‘connect me’ commands to access, well, your settings and your connected calendars
  • You can now do everything on the DM channel – good for keeping your privacy, or for lowering the channel noise level
  • ‘Meekan rename’ to change any meeting’s name after it’s already synced to the calendar

May 31st 2015

  • AI Brain graduates from basic training! Now understands much more complex meeting requests
  • Robot updated in real time about external meetings changed outside Slack
  • “Remove meeting” is the same as “Delete meeting”, goes without saying no? No. Well, now yes.
  • Much gentler onboarding. Robot will not spam your entire company at once.

May 26th 2015

  • If it’s a global team, always mention meeting timezone. Added support for timezone translation: ‘show in my timezone’, ‘show in London’
  • Robot generally smarter. Stuff like “book the best option” just works
  • Recognize that a new user arrived
  • Add ‘skip me’ for party poopers, and ‘add @jake’ to invite them back

Just before that

Congratulations Ma’am, it’s a beautiful baby robot!