How to invite more people to a meeting?

To add more people to a meeting, simply invite them (see below), by their nickname or by email (using the email address is a good way to invite people who are not currently in your team).

People that you invite don’t necessarily have to be Meekan users, but note that if Meekan doesn’t have access to their calendar, he will suggest times based only on the calendars he knows. These times could possibly clash with the non-Meekan users’ availability.


To reach out to outsiders and people not on your team, consider creating a Doodle poll.

Adding people to a meeting in progress

When the meeting is being organized (that is, it’s not yet in your calendar), tell Meekan either:

invite john or invite @john or invite [email protected]

You can also add several people:

invite john, dan and ruth

Meekan will now calculate the best times for the meeting again, based on the new people introduced, and offer a new list of time suggestions.

To remove people from the meeting say:

remove john

Add people for a booked meeting (a meeting that’s already in your calendar)

When a meeting is already in your calendar, you have to ask Meekan to edit it first:

meekan edit my 10am meeting

When the meeting is being edited, you can then add or remove people:

invite john

When a meeting is already in the calendar, adding more people will not alter the meeting’s time, even if the new invitees seem busy at this time.

See more about editing meeting here: Rescheduling, editing, renaming and deleting meetings