Installing Meekan and adding calendars

Installing Meekan


To install Meekan for your Slack team, go to Meekan’s page on the Slack App Directory, and click “Install”.


To install Meekan for your Microsoft Teams, follow the instructions on this article: Add bots for private chats and channels in Microsoft Teams. Meekan will be on the list of publicly-available bots.

As soon as he’s installed, Meekan will reach out to you on his private channel, with further instructions.

Connecting a calendar

To get started, Meekan needs access to your calendar. This will let him check when you’re free or busy to meet others, sync new meetings into your calendar, and notify you about changes and invitations you received. To get started, just tell Meekan:

meekan connect me and Meekan will privately send you a link to your calendars page. You can connect as many calendars as you need.


You can also quickly ask to connect everyone on your channel with meekan connect @channel – Meekan will send a private link to everyone on the channel.

A word about your privacy: Meekan uses you calendar info to schedule meetings for you. He learns your preferred meetings times and work hours, and uses that info to suggest the optimal time for people who want a meeting with you. This information is never shared with anyone. When other team members ask Meekan to schedule with you, he’ll only reveal when you’re free or busy where it matches the other attendee’s free times, and never the actual calendar content (see our full privacy policy here).

Does everyone have to connect a calendar?

Meekan needs access to your calendar so he can best calculate your availability. Other members of your team don’t have to connect their calendar, but when you invite them to any of your meetings, Meekan will not know about their schedule, and therefore offer time suggestions based only on the calendars he knows.

That said, your invitees will receive a proper calendar invitation, and your meetings will show up in their calendars, even if they did not connect to Meekan (technically speaking, Meekan inserts new meetings into your calendars, and it’s the calendars who’s sending the invites out over mail).

What’s next?

It’s time to schedule a new meeting!

Connect a calendar