How to add more time slots manually?

When starting a new meeting, Meekan will try to give you the four best time options for this meeting, based on everyone’s availability, preferences and habits. Meekan’s suggestions may looks something like this:

This is definitely the best option:
1 Tomorrow at 15:00

These are also quite good:
2 Tomorrow at 9:30
3 Tuesday at 10:00
4 Wednesday at 14:00

You may still want throw in some more options to the list, if Meekan has missed something. You can add a general option:

add something on Thursday

Meekan will search everyone’s Thursday’s availability, and add the best time he can find on Thursday to the option list.

Or you can be exact:

add Thursday 10:30

And Meekan will add this slot to the options, regardless of everyone’s availability (he’ll still give you a warning if someone seems to be busy at this time).

See more about arranging meetings here.