How does Meekan work?

Meekan builds your availability DNA

Your availability DNA is how Meekan represents you when negotiating meetings. Built from your meeting history and the choices you make when you schedule new meetings, Mixed with your explicit settings.

When you ask for a new meeting, Meekan checks your actual availability and then ranks all your free slots based on their fit to your scheduling style. This process is repeated for every person attending the meeting until Meekan locates the optimal time for this group of people to meet.

To take a glimpse of how Meekan sees your calendar, tell him meekan analyze me, to see a heat map of your calendar history, together with some stats.

Meekan identifies intent and urgency

When you start a new meeting with Meekan, the engine identifies key terms in the initial meeting request, and translates them into a time range: “Product review meeting next week with Sam and Jane”. Or “Quick lunch tomorrow“. The wider the range you give Meekan to search, the better the result you’ll get, as he can consider more possibilities for your group’s optimal meeting time.
Meekan keeps the original intent at hand and uses it later to re-negotiate schedules.