How do I stop (or start) Meekan’s alerts?

Stop or unsubscribe from all notifications types at once:

Tell Meekan in a direct message stop all (or even simpler, shut up) to make him stop notifying you. You can resume notifications with start all.

Starting or stopping notifications is set per team (so you can stop receiving notifications in one of your teams, but keep on receiving them in a different one).

To stop a specific alert type, tell Meekan:


stop reminders / start reminders  – For alerts about upcoming events in your calendar.

Calendar changes

stop notifications / start notifications  – For notifications about changes in your calendar that are worth mentioning – meetings that moved to a new date, RSVP requests you received, canceled meeting etc.


stop collisions / start collisions  – When Meekan detects two conflicting meetings in your calendars (these are two or more meetings that were set for the same time).

Who’s RSVP’d to my meeting?

stop rsvp / start rsvp  – When you send out a new meeting, Meekan will alert you as your invitees accept or decline your invitations.

Summary of your agenda

stop weekly / start weekly  – For a once-a-week list of all your meetings that week.

stop daily / start daily  – For a morning list of all your meetings today.

stop tomorrow / start tomorrow  – For an afternoon list of all your meetings tomorrow.



If you’re using Meekan on Slack, you can find a dropdown menu attached to every notification, where you can very quickly turn on or off any of the alerts types.