Handling timezone differences

When you ask Meekan for a meeting with colleagues from different time zones, Meekan will try to calculate the “minimum agony” time for everyone to meet, trying his best not to wake anyone at 4am, or keeping someone else in the office after work hours.
Make sure that you give Meekan enough range to find the best time (by asking for a meeting “tomorrow” or “next week” as opposed to an exact time: “tomorrow 9am”.

Setting up your time zone

Meekan will detect and set your time zone when you first connect your calendar. If you’re on the move, your messenger will sometimes detect a time zone change, and Meekan will adapt to it. In case you still need to change your time zone manually, tell Meekan  meekan change my timezone and get a quick link to your settings screen.

Asking for meeting in a specific time zone

You can instruct Meekan to schedule at a specific time zone, by adding the abbreviation next to the hour:

meekan schedule a meeting tomorrow 8:00am PST


Translating Meekan’s time options

When Meekan detects that your group is in mixed time zones, he’ll display his time suggestions in the organizer’s time, and will announce it – for example, All time are displayed in Eastern Standard time.

To show the time options in someone else’s time, you can ask:

show in my timezone or show in london or show in gmt+2

Let’s say John from New York asked for a new meeting. The time suggestions will be shown in his time zone. But now Ian from London, who is also on the team, wants to know if the times are good for him as well, being all the way on the other side of the ocean. Tell Meekan: show in london to see the British version of the list.


If your team is in different time zones, try to give Meekan the whole day to find the best time for a meeting. Something like:

meekan we need a phone call tomorrow

Meekan will now not only consider your free time slots, but will also attempt to calculate the best time for the entire team (so that everyone is within his local work hours, and no one has to wake up at 3am).