Finding and booking a room

Use your settings page to let Meekan know about the available rooms you have. Meekan can then look up and match an available room for your meeting, and book it for you.

Setting up your available rooms list

To use Meekan’s room finding capabilities you first need to go to your settings page (say meekan settings to get your link) and add some rooms that the robot can work with. Find the Meeting rooms section in your settings page, and add at least one room.

Adding a room to the list

The quickest way to add a room is to pick one from the dropdown list (If the list is empty, see below on populating it).
The other way is to add a room manually: click on “Add an unlisted room”.

After adding a few rooms, you can drag-and-drop any of the rooms to reorder that list. The higher the room is on the list, the more Meekan will prefer it over the others.

To populate the drop-down list of rooms:
Click on “import more rooms” – from either Google or Office365. You’ll need to have admin privileges to import your team’s available rooms into the list.
You only need to do this once, and it will be available for your whole team on the same domain. It is then much quicker and easier to pick which rooms Meekan will use.

Find and grab a room

With your favorite room list set up, you can ask Meekan to search for an available room:

meekan what room is free tomorrow 6pm?

meekan list free rooms today

Meekan will list your free rooms and offer you to quickly book one. You’ll then switch to scheduling a meeting, with the rooms you picked. You can then add some invitees or change any meeting details. Remember to ask Meekan to book the meeting, and the room is yours.
Use the word “room” and add a time designation to make it easier for Meekan to understand you’re trying to book a room and not just a regular meeting.

Scheduling a room for your meeting

Now, if you need to add a room to any of your meetings, mention it by its name, or better, just ask generally for a room, and let Meekan search through all the rooms and find one that’s available and matches your meeting time. Let’s see some examples:

meekan schedule a meeting tomorrow, add a room

Meekan will now look in everyone’s calendars for the best time to meet tomorrow, and will also check all the available rooms, and suggest one of them that matches.
Meekan tries the rooms in the order they appear in the settings page, so you might want to put your favorite rooms first.

meekan we need a meeting next week at green_room

This will direct Meekan to find a good time for a meeting next week, which will take place specifically in the room called “green_room”.

When a meeting is already in progress, you can always add (or remove) a room request:

add a room or add green_room  will work, just like you’re adding another invitee to the meeting.