Edit meeting details [meeting in progress]

This article is about editing a meeting that you’re currently scheduling with Meekan. If the meeting is already in your calendar, see Rescheduling, editing, renaming and deleting meetings.

Adding more time suggestions manually

While Meekan is trying his best to find the optimal time options for your meeting, you possibly might want to add some more options manually. Just ask Meekan for more, he will add them to the list one at a time. Any of these can work: add one next weekadd Tuesday 9:30ammore on Monday

Once added, these options are part of the list and everyone can vote for one of them.

Voting on your favorite option

vote 3
Everyone can vote on their favorite time option, Meekan will tally the votes and announce the winner. If Meekan gets a unanimous vote on one of the option, he will book it automatically, otherwise the organizer needs to  book one of the options to finalize and sync to everyone’s calendars. Voting is really optional, and depends on how your group likes to schedule meetings.

You can also vote for more than one option with vote 2,3 or for a specific day: wedenseday that will vote for all the options that happen on Wednesday.


If you’re using Meekan with Slack, you can click the Vote here button, and then everyone can use the little reaction buttons that appear under the time options, for the quickest way to cast their vote:

Vote buttons


Adding, inviting and removing people from the current meeting:

skip or skip @john or skip me
Remove someone from the current meeting being organized (You may also use remove to do the same).  If no name is specified, it means “skip me”, otherwise the user you named will be removed. If needed, Meekan will re-calculate the slots to see if better time options emerge for the new group of attendees.

add or add @john or add me
Add someone to the current meeting being organized (You may also use invite to do the same).  If no name is specified, it means “add me”, otherwise the user you named will be invited. As with removing users, Meekan will re-calculate the slots to see if better time options emerge for the new group of attendees.

invite [email protected]
To invite another guest to the meeting from outside your Slack group, use their email address. If their calendars are connected to Meekan, the time options will be recalculated to count them in. When the meeting is finalized, they will also receive an invite over email (coming soon: The robot will communicate with them over email for their preferences)

Time zones

show in my timezone or show in london or show in gmt+2
Let’s say John from New York asked for a new meeting. The time suggestions will be shown in his time zone. But now Ian from London, who is also on the team, wants to know if the times are good for him as well, being all the way on the other side of the ocean. Tell Meekan: show in london to see the British version of the list.

Pro tip: If your team is in different time zones, try to give Meekan the whole day to find the best time for a meeting. Something like:

meekan we need a phone call tomorrow

Meekan will now not only consider your free time slots, but will also attempt to calculate the best time for the entire team (so that everyone is within his local work hours, and no one has to wake up at 3am).

If your time zone is not set correctly, just say meekan change my timezone and get a quick link to your settings screen.

Adjusting other meeting details:

To get some more time suggestions

name lunch
Name this meeting “lunch” (otherwise the robot will try to guess the meeting name from your original request)

note Just a quick get-together
Add notes to this meetings, to be saved on its calendar entry

duration 30 minutes
Change the meeting duration (use your settings screen to change the default duration)

Abort the current meeting, and don’t sync it. Just forget about it.

who is invited
Show the current list of people invited to the meeting you’re organizing now (you can also say invitees or attendees or list invitees – they all work the same.

Booking a meeting

When you tell Meekan to book a meeting, he will insert it into your calendar (Just like you would do manually, if you didn’t have a helpful robot for this), and invitations will go out to all your invitees (including the room, if you added one to your meeting).
Say book 1 or book 3 to pick a specific time suggestion.

Say book it to pick what Meekan thinks is the optimal option (based on ranking and on any votes casted by your colleagues).

Booking a meeting into a different calendar

Say book 1 into [email protected] to book this meeting into one of your other calendars instead of into your default one (you can set your default calendar in your settings screen).



Sending out a poll

If some of the people invited are outside the team, you can always convert the meeting into an external poll page, and share it. To learn more: Send a Doodle poll