Checking your schedule

You can ask Meekan all sorts of questions about your calendar. This lets you check your agenda without leaving your messenger or having to switch apps just to see what’s coming up later today, or next week. Meekan can give you a quick run down, or a detailed list of everything you have lined up. You don’t have to actually memorize any of these commands. Simply ask, and be answered.

Note: Meekan will only answer these questions on his direct 1:1 message channel to protect your privacy (if you ask in a public channel, Meekan will redirect the answer to the private channel). As always, requests that you send directly to Meekan on the direct channel don’t have to start with the word “meekan”, but it’s shown here for the sake of clarity.

General questions

meekan, how busy am I tomorrow?  or maybe meekan, how am I doing next week?

And get a quick answer, like “Your schedule is wide open tomorrow”.

List questions

meekan what’s next today?  and meekan list my tomorrow’s meetings or meekan show my schedule for thursday

Any of these or similar will work. Just ask Meekan to have a look in your calendar, and get back a list of your meetings. You can, of course, ask to delete or reschedule any of them!

Meetings with someone specific

meekan show my meetings with John or meekan show my meetings with [email protected]

Will find all the upcoming meetings you have with that person.

Visual calendar

After the list appears, you can always click the “Show in calendar” button, and get a visual daily view of your calendar.

Editing meetings on the list

After receiving a meeting list, you can rename, delete or otherwise edit any of the meetings on the list. See more here: Rescheduling, editing, renaming and deleting meetings