Blocking time, ignoring meetings and padding

You can add special #hashtags to your meetings, that will instruct Meekan to handle them differently than regular meetings.

To use any of the hashtags, make sure they are turned on in your settings page (see below) and add them to your meeting title, or inside the meeting notes field. When Meekan recognizes one of the hashtags in your meeting, he will treat it accordingly.

Completely ignore events

Use the #meekanIgnore tag to tell Meekan to completely ignore this event, and assume you’re free.

Appear busy to others

Use the #busyToOthers tag to block out meeting requests. Meekan will mark you as busy when other people request meetings with you. But when you ask Meekan for a new meeting, he’ll assume you’re free.
This way, you are unavailable for any meeting requests, but can still take back this time for yourself if you need to.

Add padding time

Use the #padBefore and #padAfter tags to add padding (or “buffer time”) before or after a meeting. For example, add #padAfter to a flight event, to make sure you have enough time after you land to arrive at the office.


If you want to pad ALL your meetings (and not just a specific one), you can do that in your settings page, under the “Meeting duration” setting (see also: Advanced settings)

Turning #hashtags on, and customizing

Meekan will normally not scan your meetings for #hashtags, to operate more efficiently. If you wish to use them, you’ll need to make sure “Search for #hashtags” is turned on in your settings page.
Say meekan settings to access your page, and find the #hashtags settings under the “Free/Busy #hashtags” Section, and make sure they are turned on.

While on that page, you may change the #hashtag names to your taste and set the number of minutes the padding time tags will add to each meeting.

Adding #hashtags to existing meetings

If a meeting is already in your calendar, edit it with Meekan and rename it, or add a note that includes your tags:

meekan edit my 10am meeting

And then change its title:

name Block time #meekanignore


note #meekanignore to add it to the meeting notes.