Auto-update your Slack status


You can ask Meekan to update your Slack status when your calendar indicates you’re in a meeting (and Meekan will revert your status back when the meeting’s over).


Whenever Meekan sends you a reminder about an upcoming meeting, it will also have an “Update my status” button. Click that, and depending on your settings, Meekan will change your status to something like “Back in 60 minutes” as soon as the meeting begins. (The minutes will count down to zero as your meeting is in progress).
If you’re doing this for the first time, Meekan will ask you to authorize access to your status.
Once  your status change is underway, you can also click “Always do that” to have Meekan auto-update your status whenever you have a calendar event (instead of asking about it every time).
You can fine-tune the message text, and other settings (see below).


You can stop Meekan from auto-updating your Slack status by telling him stop status update. You can also do this manually in your settings screen.

Changing the message text, and other settings

Tell Meekan meekan settings to access your settings page. There, under the “Status update” section, you can choose your own status message text, and an emoji to go with that. You can also ask Meekan to set your Slack presence to “Away” or “Do not disturb”.