Asking about other people’s availability

When you just trying to quickly find out if someone is available, without actually putting anything on the calendar just yet, you can ask Meekan:

meekan when is @tom free tomorrow?

Asking about more than one person, will give you their mutual free time (ie, when are they BOTH free?) like so:

meekan when are @ethan and @maya free next Monday?

Asking about yourself

Sometimes you need to quickly send out your availability to someone. Ask Meekan about yourself to get a full list of your free time:

meekan when am I free next week?

Important note about privacy

When someone asks about you, Meekan will always ask for your permission before answering these availability questions. When asked, you’ll be able to tell Meekan to decline to answer (in this case, Meekan will just not give an answer to the person that asked about you. Meekan will not say that you declined to answer).