Advanced settings

Meekan is designed to work out-of-the-box with default settings. That said, you may want to sometimes fine-tune your scheduling settings, or add more information to your profile (as available rooms, or unusual work hours).

To access your settings screen, tell Meekan

meekan settings

Meekan will answer with a link to your settings screen (this link for your settings, please don’t share it with other team members).

Time zone and format

Meekan will try to keep your time zone in sync with info it receives from your Messaging client. In case it goes out-of-sync, you can override it here. To quickly set a timezone, you can tell Meekan change my timezone 

You can also change Meekan’s time reporting between AM/PM or 24-hours format (Meekan will try to guess your preference when you first install).

Default calendar

When you create a new meeting with Meekan, it will go into this calendar by default. You can override this with “book into”:

book 1 into [email protected] 

Visible calendars

You can ask Meekan to ignore any of the calendars you’ve connected. Just check it off in this list, and the meetings in this calendar will not show up in your lists, and will not count towards calculating your free/busy availability.


Use the location to define location shortcuts. So when you write “starbucks”, Meekan can replace it with the exact address of the Starbucks you have downstairs, or when you write “skype” Meekan will replace it with your Skype personal link.

To use one of your shortcuts, just ask something like:

meekan, schedule a meeting tomorrow at starbucks

When the meeting is booked into your calendar, the meeting location will be the address you wrote for the “starbucks” shortcut.

Meeting rooms

Add rooms to your list here. Meekan will pick one of them when you ask for it. Read all about scheduling rooms here.

Note that you can drag-and-drop the room names to rearrange them. Meekan will assume that the list is ordered from your favorite room to the least-favorite room, and will try to schedule the room at the top of the list first.


Here you can turn Meekan’s notifications on/off, or choose to receive them by email.

The settings you pick here will apply to all of your Meekan installations (as opposed to turning them off by Meekan commands, which applies only to the specific team).

Meeting duration

 Set the default duration for a new meeting. If you don’t specify a duration, Meekan will assume the default duration.
You can also use this section to add padding times to your meetings (this could be extra space before or after the meeting). Meekan will make sure to save this extra space for you for all the meeting that he’s arranging.

Calendar Summaries

Set up the exact time and day to receive Meekan’s calendar summaries. Meekan can send you a summary of the current day’s events, tomorrow’s events, or the current week’s events.

See more details here about turning summaries on or off.

Working time

Meekan will usually attempt to guess the best time for your meetings based on your personal meeting history, but you can use this section to override Meekan’s guesses with more robust hours. So when you ask Meekan for an “Afternoon meeting” he’ll try to make it inside the time range you specify here.

More important, your weekend (and if you’re one of the lucky few who have some weekdays off, too) are determined from the settings here.

Blocked/Favorite contacts

Blocked contact will always see you as “busy” (Meekan will not tell anyone that you blocked them, you will just appear busy to them). And on the opposite, your favorite contacts will always see you as available, and can override your other meetings.

Status Update


Meekan can change your Slack status text and your Slack presence (Away/Do not disturb) for you when your calendar indicated you’re in a meeting. See more details here.


Use this section to disconnect from Meekan. This cannot be reversed, and when you disconnect, all your data will be erased completely from Meekan’s servers.
The are a few options to lower Meekan’s presence without fully disconnecting, see more details here.